Saturday, November 19, 2011

Been Busy

It would appear that I've neglected this blog for about 3 months now. Oops.

I've got good reasons, though. The first is that I've been busy. Life, you know- it tends to get that way sometimes.

The second is that much of my recent activity, from a hobby perspective, has been going towards Infinity, and that gets posted on Remote Presence.

The final reason is the NOVA Open. In 2011 I volunteered to assist during the event as an appearance judge (see earlier post). I had a stupid crazy good time. Since I'm a total stick in the mud, that's saying a lot. This time around, for 2012, I've stepped up to take care of the event's online presence. We're rapidly gearing up, even though NOVA 2012 isn't until Labor Day weekend of next year.

The idea is to start spreading the word ASAP. The website,, is getting a full repaint, re-architecting, and new content. The goal is to go-live on December 1st, 2011- fully active and capable of accepting registration. So I've been rather busy trying to get that taken care of. We're also going to leverage Facebook and Twitter to help maintain interest all year and foster more of a community atmosphere.

I realize that I've only got 5 followers, and I personally know 3 of 'em, but dang it- I didn't want you guys to feel abandoned. Word, yo.