Friday, June 17, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg: Bombard

I picked up the Bombard before the new IG release provided rules for the Colossus. The mortar is identical, but the Bombard uses the Leman Russ chassis while the Colossus seems to use the Chimera. Forge World provided all the parts necessary for the Bombard- plastic treads and skirts from the Leman Russ, and resin replacements for the hull, mortar, and manipulator arm.

As you can see in the photos, I wound up with a "pebbly" finish on this model. In retrospect I should have re-primed the whole thing, but I was painting a whole armored company "assembly line" style and didn't have the inclination. Overall it came out fine. The manipulator arm was tricky to pose, so I eventually just used thin brass rod to act as both structural support and flexible joints. Since I put the time in to the arm, I went ahead and left the breach unattached so it could be posed either open or closed.


  1. Great work on this stuff- glad I stumbled across your blog! I'm working on a desert themed Krieg force myself. Thanks for posting!

  2. Desert theme should be neat. I've got IA5 (Taros Campaign) which has an IG army in desert colors...I look forward to seeing your stuff.

  3. That's fantastic. If you want to see my stuff, here's the link:

    Keep up the great work and the pics!