Sunday, April 17, 2011

Death Korps of Krieg: Punisher

I scratchbuilt this Punisher turret before GW released the plastic verion. It's a bundle of brass tubes wrapped in thinned styrene tube. The mantlet is sheet styrene and is based on the mantlet of the Macharius Vulcan.

The glacis plate has been heavily modified on this Leman Russ chassis, the same as the other two I've built. I don't like the forward hull-mounted weapon, the way it bulks up the profile of the tank. The Mars-Alpha pattern is much more to my preference, and though I didn't change the engine deck of the tanks, I did change the glacis plate. Sheet and strip styrene came to the rescue. The lascannon is Astartes issue, which is halfway between standard IG and DK0K. The canvas at the base of the lascannon is lightly textured Green Stuff.

Also, because I'm such a masochist, I decided that the hatches on the Forge World IG vehicles looked much better than the plastic versions and went ahead and scratchbuilt those as well. For every vehicle that was not Forge World. Every. Vehicle.

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