Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tau: Shas O' Rmyr

I got a bit bored with the Tau character options and decided to pick up Rmyr when a relatively large Forge World order was placed. The kit itself was relatively hassle-free, mostly because the rear torso and jet pack components were from the plastic Crisis Suit. Forge World castings are always hit or miss. They're terribly inconsistent and when they're bad they're really bad. Since it's such a crap shoot, I have to take a deep breath any time I place an order. Rmyr had some slight warping and only a few pinholes. Both were easily fixed.

Posing Rmyr was tricky, since the joints have to be bonded using cyanoacrylate or epoxy cements. CA glue leaves less gunk to clean up, but cures very quickly. Epoxy allows for some working time but tends to leave gunk. I have been using CA, but in future may mix and match...using epoxy to join and pose from the torso down, then CA for the arms and feet and head where a faster setting cement would be beneficial.

Painting was straight-forward. Even though my Tau army is based on the Viorla sept, I wanted O'Rmyr to be the actual O'Rmyr and not a "counts as". Therefore I used the standard Tau color scheme. I primed Rmyr with Armory White, then covered most of him with Tausept Ochre. I lightened that up with highlights of Bleached Bone. Red Gore was used for the shield, pads, and other panels. Highlights were made from Red Gore and a touch of Bleached Bone. The black mechanical components were Chaos Black with Fortress Grey highlights. The gold bosses were painted with a mix of Scorched Brown and Shining Gold, followed by Shining Gold, and finally a highlight of Burnished Gold. The plasma guns and shield highlights were painted with gradients of Ultramarines Blue through Ice Blue. The base was a messy mix of Chaos Black with dabs of Scorched Brown, various washes, and a Bleached Bone drybrush. The Astartes standard had some gold on it, and a barely visible wolf's head was picked out with very diluted Bleached Bone.

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